Working With An Auto Mechanic

The Dos and Don’ts of Working with an Auto Mechanic

Delaying your vehicle service and repairs can lead to safety hazards and more expensive repairs. It is advisable to work with an auto mechanic who can be your partner in the regular care and maintenance of your vehicle. It is always best to identify a car technician before your car breakdowns and have them on standby, rather than choosing when you are panicked and in a rush. The following are some of the important things to know when working with a car mechanic.

Good communication is key

You need to let your mechanic know what is wrong with your vehicle in a way that makes it easier for them to diagnose and repair the problem. You may want to note down a few things you have noted about the vehicle before heading to the service shop just so you do not forget. You can also use special terms to help describe the problem that the mechanic can identify with such as hesitation, a brief loss of power when you accelerate or knocking, a rattling sound out of your engine when accelerating etc.

Be realistic

Customer expectations when dropping off the car at the service shop is perfect repairs within the shortest time possible. If you want to have the best service from the auto mechanic, it is important to remember that there may be other vehicles in line for repairs. If you rush the mechanic, you are bound to get quick and cheap repairs that may not last for long. Sometime, repairing one part of the vehicle may lead to discovering problems in another part making the repairs take even longer. Ask for an average amount of time that it would take for the repairs and get a cost estimate before the mechanic starts the repairs.

De clutter your vehicle

Never drop off a dirty and cluttered vehicle at the auto mechanic’s place. A common courtesy can also affect the quality of repairs that you get. Remove any luggage from your trunk, booster seats and any dirt in your car that may affect the mechanics access to specific parts of the vehicle for repairs. Heavy items in the car may also weigh it down making the process of accurate adjustments difficult.

Make yourself available but allow the mechanic to do his job

You should leave a contact number where the mechanic can reach you in case of any challenges or unexpected repairs. In case the auto mechanic cannot reach you to approve repairs, you car will end up staying in the shop longer. With that said, you also need to allow the mechanic to do his job so avoid hovering over the professional.


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